There are two types of data fields: required and optional. If a document doesn't have any required data, the document can not be used for identity verification and the verification session will be resubmitted with the reason "Document type not supported".

Required data fields:

  • portrait photo

  • holder's name

  • date of birth or year of birth

  • document number

  • document type

  • issuing country

Optional data fields can be extracted if needed for your integration. We do not extract them by default. Feel free to let us know if you need us to extract any of the data fields below.

Optional data fields:

  • date of issue

  • date of expiry

  • personal number

  • gender

  • nationality

  • citizenship

  • address

  • B-category

NB! We do not collect and forward the following information, even if it is present on the document:

  • tax number

  • social security number (not to be confused with personal number)

  • other names (parent's names or maiden names)

There might be many kinds of documents within a document type which we verify, meaning that some ID cards have certain data fields, but others do not. If a document type as a whole is accepted for verification, it will be processed and the available data fields will be extracted.

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